What sets our soaps apart...

You may be wondering, what sets Sahara’s Essentials soaps apart from the thousands of other soap makers out there?

Most importantly, the final product you receive is 100% natural. Naturally colored. Naturally scented. Naturally based in plant-based butters & oils.

Most traditional soaps are made with chemicals & scented with synthetic fragrances. Even many “natural” soaps are colored with Mica that has been synthetically dyed with the same food dyes you try to avoid in your diet! Another concern with mica colorants is that since mica is mined from the Earth, there’s a high risk of it being contaminated with other minerals like lead.

We also use 95% certified organic ingredients in our soaps. Every now and then a bar may have one ingredient that I was unable to find organic! But usually they are all certified organic! We pay extra upfront so that you can have the best quality ingredients in your personal care products.

Not all soaps are created equal, depending on the oils you use they can have a more drying or moisturizing effect. We use a balance of organic coconut and olive oils to ensure our soaps have a balanced ratio of moisturizing & cleansing effects.

Unlike many skincare and cosmetic companies that must test their concoction of chemicals on animals to know if it is safe for human use, since my soaps are 100% natural and plant based we just test them on ourselves! So we keep things humane and spare animals pain.

We believe animal testing is unnecessary and cruel.

Lastly our soaps are all handmade by Sahara in small batches! Love and care goes into each bar 🥰 Remember, when you choose to shop small, you support a family- not a huge corporation that doesn’t notice your order from the next person‘s.

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