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Plant-Based Diets Benefit The Health Of Our Entire Planet

Something people don’t speak on enough when it comes to eating plant-based are the benefits of a plant-based diet beyond just to save the animals lives! I may sound like a vegan extremist but this topic has just become extremely important to me ever since I first learned about the devastating effects animal agriculture has on our planet. As more acres of the rainforest are destroyed everyday, plant and animal species become extinct, and greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, I figured it was time to address this topic more seriously and present the global benefits of a plant-based diet for those who are open to learning about them.

1) Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire global transportation sector combined! Animal agriculture is specifically responsible for 65% of nitrous oxide emissions and 37% of methane emissions. 

2) Consuming less animal products leads to less mucus forming in your body, meaning less episodes of colds/flus and a stronger immune system all together! Some people will experience cold and flu-like detox symptoms depending on how quickly they transition to eating plant based. 

3) Studies have demonstrated a plant-based diet decreases your risk for many chronic illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even early mortality as a whole.

4) Plant based diets are far easier on our digestive system! On a whole food plant based diet, high in fruit, your body will begin to cleanse the digestive system, ridding itself of pounds of old waste. This will result in weight loss. The lower intake of fats and cholesterol will also aid the body in weight loss. 

5) Of the four major deforestation drivers, beef has by far the largest impact. Converting forest to pasture for beef cattle, largely in Latin America, is responsible for destroying 2.71 million hectares of tropical forest each year—an area about the size of the state of Massachusetts—in just four countries. This is more than half of tropical deforestation in South America, and more than five times as much as any other commodity in the region.

6) Lighter, easier to digest meals result in less energy being expended simply for our bodies to process food. 

7) About one-third of the world water consumption is for producing animal products. Their water footprint is larger than that of crop products with equivalent nutritional value. 

8)As acres and acres of rainforest are destroyed daily, both plant and animal species are lost forever as more and more become extinct.

9) Did you know that globally we grow enough food to feed ten billion people? The problem is the food is grown for animals to eat and not humans in dire need of food. The more people eating plant-based, the further our reach of helping feed those who are in need can go. 

10) Plant-based foods are prebiotic in nature meaning they help your guy produce the healthy bacteria you need for a vibrant and thriving microbiome. Gut health is linked to mental wellness, immunity, digestive processes and much more! 

Sources: https://www.humanesociety.org/sites/default/files/archive/assets/pdfs/farm/hsus-fact-sheet-greenhouse-gas-emissions-from-animal-agriculture.pdf






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