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Welcome to my blog! My name is Sahara and I’m a young mother, soon to be wife, small business owner, writer, and always looking to where life is taking me next with intrigue. A little over two years ago I met the love of my life and dived headfirst into a newfound positive, healthy lifestyle. When my fiance and I first got together I finally began to heal from the pain, depression, and anxiety I had lived with for so long and accepted as a part of myself. A year later, I found out I was pregnant and my focus shifted from my own self growth to the growing child I was now responsible for. I immediately started researching everything I needed to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and the journey that follows. I quickly realized that I saw pregnancy and childbirth as something that could be a healthy, positive, empowering experience- which was drastically different from what western medicine portrays it to be. In May 2018, I had a completely natural water birth. Since my son was born I’ve been enjoying motherhood and the blessing of being able to stay at home with my baby. I have always loved writing, and now have discovered a love for learning about natural health and sharing what I learn with others. I had the idea to create a blog so here it is! I hope you all enjoying learning more about my story, our plant based diet, herbal medicine, and all the amazing benefits to living more naturally in every way.


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