All About A Natural Thyroid Balancer- Irish Sea Moss

Today I’m going to share some info about an amazing plant that offers so many medicinal benefits that I rarely hear even people who are knowledgeable about natural health mention- Irish Sea Moss 🌊🌿

Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus) is a species of red algae that grows along the Atlantic coast in both Europe & North America, and is also found in the Caribbean. It is used in the Caribbean to thicken smoothies and milk. It has a wide variety of health benefits though that I MUST share with you all!

🌿 How many women do you know suffering from thyroid imbalances? Irish Sea Moss is the ONLY plant containing thyroid hormones.

🌿Irish Sea Moss contains more iodine than any other plant. Iodine is necessary for all stages of life, and mainly stored and used by the thyroid. Diet is the sole source of Iodine, so it’s very important you ensure you’re eating something rich in it- which usually has to come from from the sea.

🌿Sea Moss is also packed with Potassium. Adding high potassium foods to the diet can help tremendously with behavior and mental functioning in children, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia.

🌿Sea Moss contains Algin, which is a known heavy metal detoxifying agent, it pulls heavy metals out of the tissues of our bodies. Studies have shown that those suffering from autism and asperger’s both have high concentrations of heavy metals like aluminum built up in their brains. Heavy metal detoxing can help with this tremendously.

🌿Irish Sea Moss contains Omega 3 fatty acids and chlorophyll as well, which dissolve inflammation and mucus throughout the body. Considering Harvard Medical School wrote back in 2006, that chronic inflammation is the common factor in most diseases, this is incredible!

🌿Irish Sea Moss also has anti-viral properties that help fight infection while boosting the immune system. It is a natural decongestant! I see everyone stocking up on elderberry syrup, but Irish Sea Moss is just as important. Honestly in my opinion it has even more medicinal benefits.

🌿Irish Sea Moss is also a great digestive aid. It heals ulcers, alleviates acid reflux, and is packed with fiber that regulates bowel movements and alleviates gas.

🌿Can be applied topically to help with sunburns, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

🌿Improves circulation throughout the entire body.

🌿Promotes healthy sexual function in both men and women.

This stuff is seriously amazing!😍 You can process it into a powder and then make into gel, or you can just use the powder! It can be added to smoothies, desserts, drinks, and more!

If you’re wondering where you can purchase Irish Sea Moss powder or gel check out my friend Tim Thompson Jr.’s Shop:

He offers a variety of other amazing natural health products as well!

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